Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm so alone

You left me not too long ago and yet it seems like forever. I reminisce the day you left all this time because I was right there beside you I can't seem to get over the feelings I had, at that very moment I felt so alone. It grew cold in the room that I lost all feelings and sense All I had was pure silence and disbelief, I saw people moving towards you all around me and yet I couldn't move a step towards you. I couldn't distinguish my emotions because I wasn't sure of them I felt soo much anger and sadness, but I couldn't cry. At that moment I wasn't sure what was wrong. And now a year & a half later it all comes back to me Every tear I held in falls, and now I can't seem to stop I've realized how much I missed you and how much I've needed you here but there is no way for me to reach out for your touch. I feel so alone right now, that I just wish you could take me with you..

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